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Residential & Commercial Landscaping & Horticulture

Landscaping Design

Our team at Creative garden landscaping strongly believes in creative & outstanding landscaping ideas. We bring to you the best landscaping design ideas with stonework, retaining walls, platforms & various landscaping design elements to make your outdoor living space look simply outstanding.


Our team at Creative garden landscaping strongly believes in bright, radiant and outstanding colours. Taking this as a first step towards  outdoor landscaping designs to add a splash of colour in your life.

Decks & Pergola’s

At Creative Gardens Landscaping we understand having an outstanding looking backyard isn’t just everything. The outdoor living space is an essential needed to enjoy and spend quality time in your beautifully created outdoors. Therefore, we provide some of Toronto’s BEST solutions for outdoor living space creation such as Decks & Pergola’s from some of the finest woodwork.

Interlocking & Stone Patio Design

Another way to enjoy your beautiful outdoor living space, we help create beautiful looking patios. We can help you design and build a patio completely with waterfalls, beautiful landscaping, anything and everything you can imagine.



Landscaping & Horticulture Consultation

Call us for our customized landscaping solution service. We will be delighted to serve you in the most creative way.
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